I had a really good selfie weekend and when I do, I have to share it with you. More pictures from my Easter.


Jag är faktiskt nästan lite glad att påsken är över, det innebär att vi är inne i april och våren är runt hörnet. Fasikens vad underbart! Till helgen har vi tvåsiffrigt och jag har inplanerat ett grymt powerwalk pass. Efter allt ätande under påsken måste jag förbränna lite kalorier. Jag ser frossandet som extra bensin till mina kommande träningspass denna veckan. Gör ni likadant eller får ni ångest efter allt ätande?

I’m actually almost happy Easter is over, it means we’re in April and spring is around the corner. So wonderful! This weekend we will have two-digits and I have planned a great powerwalk. After all eating during Easter, I have to burn some calories. I see this as extra gasoline for my upcoming workouts this week. Do you do the same or do you get anxiety after eating?


Ni som följer mig på Instagram ser att jag spenderat påskhelgen i Polen med M, päronen och släkten. Riktigt mysigt och alldeles för mycket påskmat och vin. Jag har varit väldigt dålig på att fota under helgen men nedan får ni se lite utav vårt påskfirande. Nuförtiden blir det mycket Instastories istället, måste bli bättre på att fota mer känner jag. Hur har ni firat er påsk? 

For those of you that follow me on Instagram can see that I spent the Easter weekend in Poland with M, my parents and the family. Really cozy and far too much easter food and wine. I’ve been very bad at taking pictures this weekend but below you’ll see a little bit of our Easter celebration. Nowadays, there are a lot of instastories instead, I have to get better at taking pictures, I feel. How have you celebrated Easter?

I started the trip with a huuuuge salad on the ferry

..and with a second selfie

On Friday me and mom went for a lot of shopping. So much fun!

I don’t have any pics to show you from Saturday, but below you can see one of my purchases.
I love this eyeshadow palette! Its so natrual and so glowy! Perfect for a spring look!

On Sunday it was time to celebrate Easter. We started with this massive breakfast. Wow. No words. 
After this breakfast we went to our second family for even more food. Dear lord.

On Monday it was time to go back home. Below pictures with my husband and my mommy.
And that was my weekend in a couple of pictures. Hope you all will have an amazing week!