Direkt efter Gdansk bar vi oss av till Warszawa. Min man råkade tappa sin plånbok andra dagen i Sverige så det var bara att ta sig till Warszawa och fixa nya dokument. Samtidigt fick vi lite semester också. Att åka till Warszawa på semester var lite annorlunda. Nedan finner ni en bildbomb från våra dagar i Warszawa. Har ni fortfarande semester eller är ni tillbaka på jobbet?

//Immediately after Gdansk we went to Warsaw. My husband accidentally lose his wallet on the other day in Sweden so we had to go back to Warsaw and fix new documents. At the same time we had some holiday too. Going to Warsaw on vacation was a little bit different. Below you will find a picture bomb from our days in Warsaw. Do you still have vacation or are you back at work?

We started the week with 26 degrees sun and a day by the pool side

On the other day we went to window shopping at my favorite mall, Arkadia.
Westwing had the best shopwindow!

After some shopping we went to our favorite restaurant in Warsaw – Restauracja Literatka

On Thursday we walked around in Warsaw

We had some sushi – Oto Sushi

This is how happy you are when you find the perfect foundation.
If you are curious which one it was – check it out here!

I got surprised with flowers from my man

Friday after 13:00 it was time for some bubbles
– Charlotte Menora

Fooling around..

Since we were in Warsaw, and it was almost our 1st wedding anniversary, we decided to go for a dinner were our wedding was held last year
– Hotel Bristol

We enjoyed a 3 dinner course and a bottle of red wine.
The same red wine we served on our big night.
Amazing evening. Amazing week.